Born of a dream to connect Canadians to their land, sustainable resources and meaningful living.

We create more than a new kind of housing development, we create a new way of living. We design a living experience that provides quality, optimal sizing and adaptability, and a home that is as unique and ever-changing as the family inside. Say goodbye to the days of up/downsizing and hello to Thoughtful Living.

Truly Canadian

What is a truly Canadian home? We realized this was a question that had yet to be answered. So, we filled in the blanks.

Today’s housing market is heavily influenced by designs from other countries, with an almost copy-and-paste feel. We want to represent the future of Canadian housing by building homes that influence Canada’s identity based on our country’s history, people, culture and traditions.

Through Canadian designs, influences, materials, designers and builders, we have created what it means to live in a way that is truly innovative, truly Canadian and truly you. Welcome to the new standard of Canadian housing. Welcome to Ocheller.

Through Canadian designs, influences, materials, designers and builders, we have created what it means to live in a way that is truly innovative, truly Canadian and truly you.

Canadian means Quality

Designing a home that is truly Canadian means creating something that is durable, affordable, and sustainable. Each building envelope is designed with Canadian strength and resilience in mind. We choose stronger, healthier and more sustainable materials, ensuring moisture stays out and heat stays in. Every detail in an Ocheller home is carefully selected to ensure your home is built to last, sustainably.

Our interior finishes focus on using natural, Canadian-made materials that represent the highest standard of quality our nation can offer, wherever possible. From raw materials and builders, to creators and designers, we bridge the gap between affordability and customization, keeping our resources as local as possible. We offer more room for unique touches and more options to celebrate you and your neighbourhood’s spirit of individuality.


What’s in a name?

Ocheller is a brand that was born by combining two Swedish words for “and/or”, encompassing the type of lifestyle we stand for and the type of options we provide – flexible and adaptable home building plans that connect you to your living space and your community. Ocheller is backed by years of structural engineering experience, outside-the-box thinking and a deep desire to better define Canadian residential architecture through quality home building.

It is our vision to redefine the way Canadians think about the way they live.

Truly Canadian: Our Signature Series

We wanted our designs to be a true representative of what it means to be Canadian. With our roots stemming from the prairies, we started looking at structures that have been a constant motif in our history. The answer became clear: the grain elevator.

This iconic symbol of prairie strength and resilience has been a prominent pillar in Alberta for generations. However, these historic symbols have been rapidly disappearing from our landscapes, holding the number one spot for endangered historic buildings in Canada.

Now, Ocheller is doing something truly innovative, truly Canadian and truly you.

By incorporating the concept of the grain elevator, we have created a new way to preserve and honour this iconic symbol, bridge the gap between past and present, and create the new standard for Canada’s housing future.

This statement is known as the Ocheller Signature Series. It’s our take on genuine Canadian living, and just like our homes it’s here to stay.

A Voice as Unique as Yours

Your name is the title of your life’s story, your home should be the same way. Each Ocheller home is given a unique name, inspired by the town of its respective grain elevator. It’s just one more way we make each home as unique as those living inside.

Truly Canadian: Limited-Edition Collection

We know everyone has a different way of telling the same story, and it takes various perspectives to see the whole picture. Canada’s housing future is no different. That’s why we introduced our Limited-Edition Collection.

The Limited-Edition designs still encompass everything you’d expect from an Ocheller home, but with its architectural story told from a different point of view. We asked renowned architects from across the country to design their take on an authentic Canadian home.

Their answers have created this limited-edition home series that is as unique and ever-changing as each passing season. Designed with the same level of resilience, timelessness and Canadian authenticity guaranteed with an Ocheller home, but with changing designs that are only available for a limited time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Meet the team behind Ocheller.



Tegan is the owner and founder of Ocheller and the RedBrick Group of Companies.  A LEED accredited civil engineer, Tegan has broad experience in how buildings come together from the perspectives of the designer, architect, contractor and supplier all the way through to the client. She has first-hand experience in structural engineering and project management of mixed use, commercial, and residential projects.